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There’s nothing worse than technical failures before or during important meetings. AVAssist can be used across your organisation to enable your teams to access quick, instant support.

Connect with just one click to our experienced technicians.

Instant Help

No need to wait for an in-person technician

Remote Support

Ideal for social distancing and those working from home


Video calling allows our technician to see the problem you are facing and fix it instantly

Tailored to Business

Benefits for businesses small and large

Cost Effective

Reduce technician call-out fees

Help During Stressful Times

Fast and reliable when you urgently need AV assistance

What is AVAssist?

AVAssist is a mobile-based application that provides customers with instant remote support via video call with an expert AV technician.

AVAssist can help to lower costs, solve problems efficiently, increase end-user satisfaction and enable core business focus.

How does it work?

AV technical issues often occur at the worst of times – before or during important meetings, team collaborations or video conferencing.

AVAssist connects the user to an expert AV technician via video call allowing the user to show the technician the problem and help guide the user to a solution.

Benefits of AVAssist

Easy to use

AV systems are often sophisticated and difficult to troubleshoot for the end consumer. Our easy to use AVAssist app connects the customer in one click to an experienced technician. AVAssist is an app-based service that is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

Remote support whilst working from home

Our video call technology enables the customer to connect remotely to an experienced AV technician. With social distancing becoming the new normal, our remote support offers a safe and effective method for businesses and those working from home.

Peace of mind

We understand the importance of AV systems during important presentations, collaborations or day to day requirements. We also understand that sometimes AV systems can let you down at the most inconvenient times. An AVAssist subscription provides customer confidence that in times of need you can receive reliable, fast and effective AV support.

Cost effective

Traditionally, AV problems require an in-person technician which involves high call out fees and hourly rates. The AVAssist subscription-based model provides significant financial savings by only paying for the support time you need.

Enables core business focus

AVAssist takes the stress off internal IT departments, which allows businesses to focus on core activities. In our increasingly connected and flexible world environment, we understand the growing importance of AV systems to your business. By utilising our experienced AV technicians, we provide a time-efficient approach that minimises customer downtime and maximises business efficiency.

Instant support when needed

Whilst traditional technical support can include lengthy delays and hassles, AVAssist provides instant connection with an experienced technician. We recognise both the reliance on AV technology and the need for timely usage and support. AVAssist maximises efficiency by reducing wait-time so you can spend your precious time on your business.