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There’s nothing worse than technical failures before or during important meetings.

Connect with just one click to our experienced technicians.

One Click

Get instantly connected with an experienced AV technician

Fast, Expert Help

Connect instantly via our AVAssist application

Video Calling

Video calling allows our technician to see the problem you are facing and fix it instantly

iOS and Android

Download our application easily from your iOS or Android device

Subscription Based Pricing

Includes call minutes, only pay for what you need

AV/VC Experts

Our team have been servicing clients across Australia with technical issues for over 10 years

Why Choose AVAssist

We know AV issues can be stressful. There’s nothing worse than having the equipment not work when you need to present to important stakeholders.

Our technicians have years of AV experience, and combined with mobile technology, AVAssist lets us help you when you need it most.

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AVAssist provides assurance knowing that your meetings will run seamlessly, and if there is an unexpected error it will get resolved quickly.

Contact Citadel Technology today to find out more about AVAssist.


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